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The advantages of hydro vacuum excavation

The major advantage of using a vacuum excavator is it causes the least amount of damage to existing and subterranean infrastructure such as pipes, cabling, and electricity or other lines. As a consequence of the fact that less backfilling is required, vacuum excavation work is more precise and accurate and possesses less risk of causing pipeline fracture. It is also faster and more cost-effective as it removes dirt quickly, and requires fewer people to work the machines.

5 benefits of using a Vac Truck

There are a wide range of benefits of using vacuum excavation trucks. Five of these are: 


Unlike other forms of excavation techniques, this can be carried out in most weather conditions.

Precision & Accuracy

Work can be performed with precision, allowing operators to do their work in a less invasive manner for pipe detection, potholing, and slot trenching.


This form of excavation greatly reduces the chance of personal injuries which can occur as a result of arduous hand trenching, or using heavy equipment.

Low Costs

As there’s no weather restrictions, and fewer personnel are required, this is a cost-effective option for excavating services in high-traffic areas, as well as in suburban and city areas.

Damage Prevention

This technique helps to prevent financial liabilities in the form of damage to underground infrastructure and cabling.

What CAN A VAC TRUCK BE used for?

Vacuum excavation is used for a variety of services including:

  • Slot trenching
  • Pit and conduit cleaning
  • Trenching across conflicting services
  • Sludge removal
  • Sign and pole installation (including power poles)
  • Potholing
  • Drain and culvert clean-out
  • Pipeline tie-ins/maintenance
  • Exposing underground lines
  • Digging under existing structures
  • Material/debris removal
  • Extraction of wet and dry materials

The industry leaders in hydro vacuum excavation

With Reveal Underground Services, you can be sure that your job will be carried out with precision and safety. Hydro trucks ensure that there is no need for extensive digging or expensive relocation of underground piping. Vacuum excavation is a cost-effective and safe way to inspect below-ground pipes.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is strongly recommended that you use a vac truck to dig safely. when underground utilities are present. If you are unsure what lies underneath the ground, call Reveal Underground Services to locate utilities. 

To find out more about Reveal’s underground utility services in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, please click here, or contact Reveal by clicking below. 

Vacuum tracks, also known as vac trucks, use high-pressure water for soft excavation and to break up soil. This soil and pressurised water is then removed through a vacuum system and deposited into a debris holding tank, to be disposed of in a safe manner. 

To find out more about the process of vacuum excavation in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, please call 1300 738 325 or click below. 

Generally, the most commonly used truck sizes are 5,000L and 8,000L units, though Reveal Underground Services have a vast selection of vac trucks ranging from 1000L trailer mounted units to large, truck mounted 12,000L units. 

To find out more about our vac trucks in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, please call 1300 738 325 or click below. 

Depending on the job’s dimensions, a Vac truck may be quicker and easier to use in some cases. The sort of soil you’re dealing with might have an impact on how long it takes to dig with a vac truck. Digging in and through sand instead of digging in and through rock is one example.

To find out more, please contact Reveal by calling 1300 738 325 or by clicking below.

The maximum depth of our vac trucks is 3.5 metres, however this is subject to the type of soil being dug up. For certain projects, our vac trucks are used to dig in holes that have been mechanically excavated and securely shored and benched for the safety of our operators.

To find out more about the capabilities of Reveal’s vacuum excavation trucks on the Gold Coast and Brisbane, contact us today by calling 1300 738 325 or clicking below.

At Reveal Underground Services, we have a 2000L holding capacity top of the range Vermeer trailer-mounted unit. This trailer unit is towed by a 4WD and is used to access properties and hard-to-reach locations where a normal vac truck may not be able to.

If you want to learn more about the capabilities of our vac trucks for hire on the Gold Coast and Brisbane, contact Reveal on 1300 738 325 today or by clicking below.

A hydro vac truck may be quicker, easier, and safer to use for excavation depending on the job’s specifications. The type of surface can also influence the time it takes to excavate using a vac truck. It can be much quicker to dig in and through sand than it is to dig in and through a rocky subsurface. 

To get a better understanding of how long your job will take and an obligatory-free quote, please contact Reveal Underground Services today on 1300 738 325 or by clicking below.

All of Reveal’s vacuum excavation trucks are equipped with gerni wand extensions and suction hoses. All of these trucks carry a minimum of 20m of extension hoses, though some can carry hoses extending out 60m or longer. Gerni wands can also be up to 3 metres in length. 

Find out what size hose you need for your vacuum excavation job by calling Reveal on 1300 738 325 today or by clicking below. 

Yes, electricians and plumbers frequently come to us for help as they install new pipes and cables. We’ve performed potholing using vac truck technology to dig holes that were a metre deep and 80-100m long.

To find out more about potholing on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and the broader South East Queensland region, please contact Reveal by calling 1300 738 325 or by clicking below. 

Yes, we are frequently hired by fencing and signage professionals to dig the foundations for new fences and signs that need to be constructed around existing utilities and underground services.

To find out more about non destructive digging in Brisbane, Gold Coast and the broader South East Queensland region, get in touch with Reveal today by calling 1300 738 325 or by clicking below.

Only on a case-by-case basis do we deal with sewage waste. We can work around damaged sewage infrastructure without difficulty, but we do not extract sewer slurry from storage tanks or portable toilets.

To find out more, please contact Reveal by calling 1300 738 325 or by clicking below.

The excavation industry has been revolutionised by hydro vacuum excavation, which provides a safer, more efficient, and more effective alternative to traditional methods. This method uses high-pressure water or air and a vacuum system to excavate soil and debris, replacing the need for manual labor and heavy machinery. Its benefits include reduced damage to underground utilities, faster excavation, and precision, making it a better solution for densely populated areas or sensitive underground utilities. Hydro vacuum excavation has positively impacted the excavation industry by reducing accidents, quicker completion times, and lowering costs. It has transformed the approach to excavation projects, offering a sustainable solution for the future.

Hydro vacuum excavation, or hydrovac, uses high-pressure water and a vacuum system to remove soil and debris. It has many applications, including safe excavation around underground utilities, trenching, and cleaning structures. Hydrovac is fast and efficient, minimising damage to underground utilities and structures. It is particularly useful in sensitive or hard-to-reach areas.

Hydrovac excavation is a highly efficient and versatile digging technique that can reach depths of over 20 feet with ease. Its high-pressure water and vacuum system effectively remove soil, making it an excellent choice for many excavation projects. In challenging conditions such as hard-packed soil or rock formations, manual excavation methods can be used alongside hydrovac for even better results. Hydrovac excavation is also an environmentally friendly and cost-effective option, which has made it a popular choice across various industries.

A VAC truck (also known as a vacuum truck or suction excavator) and an excavator are both heavy-duty machines used in construction and excavation projects, but they serve different purposes.

A VAC truck is a specialised truck with a large tank and powerful vacuum pump that can remove large quantities of materials such as dirt, sand, gravel, and liquids through a hose system. These machines are commonly used for non-destructive excavation, where sensitive underground utilities and pipes need to be located and exposed without damaging them. VAC trucks are also used for cleaning out catch basins, sewers, and other areas where debris has accumulated.

On the other hand, an excavator is a heavy construction machine with a large bucket on the end of a hydraulic arm. It is primarily used for digging and moving large amounts of dirt, rock, and debris from one location to another. Excavators are versatile machines and can be used for a wide variety of tasks, including digging trenches, building foundations, and demolishing structures.

In summary, while both machines are used for excavation, a VAC truck is primarily used for non-destructive excavation and cleaning, while an excavator is used for heavy-duty digging and moving of materials.

The two main methods of vacuum excavation are air vacuum excavation, which uses compressed air, and hydro vacuum excavation, which uses pressurised water. Both methods are non-destructive and are used to minimise damage to underground utilities and structures.

Hydrovac (short for hydro excavation) is generally not considered a destructive excavation technique. In fact, it is considered a non-destructive method because it uses pressurised water to break up soil and debris, which is then removed by a vacuum system. This method is designed to minimise the risk of damage to underground utilities and structures, which can occur with more traditional excavation methods like digging with shovels or backhoes. Hydrovac is a safer and more precise excavation technique and is widely used in the construction and utility industries.

Hydrovac, or hydro excavation, is a method of digging using pressurised water and a vacuum system. It’s a safer and more precise alternative to traditional excavation methods. Hydrovac is commonly used for utility locating and can prevent damage to underground infrastructure. It’s environmentally friendly, versatile, and efficient. Hydrovac is particularly beneficial in cold climates and can quickly excavate large quantities of soil or material. The debris collected during the process is properly disposed of according to regulations.

Vacuum excavation, such as hydrovac, is the preferred excavation method in Australia due to its safety, regulatory compliance, environmental protection, efficiency, accuracy, non-destructiveness, versatility, and positive public perception. It helps prevent damage to underground utilities, complies with regulations, minimises environmental impact, and is adaptable to different industries and soil conditions.



Yes, hydrovac can be performed during the winter months, including in cold climates. In fact, hydrovac is often considered advantageous in the winter because it can effectively excavate frozen ground.

The high-pressure water jet used in hydrovac can break up frozen soil and thaw it, allowing for excavation to take place. This makes it possible to locate and work on underground utilities even when the ground is frozen.

By utilising hot water in the hydrovac process, the frozen soil can be thawed, facilitating excavation without causing excessive disruption or damage. This is particularly valuable in regions with harsh winters or when construction and maintenance activities need to continue regardless of weather conditions.

However, it’s important to note that specific considerations may be required in winter hydrovac operations. Equipment insulation, the use of heated water, and other cold-weather precautions may be necessary to ensure effective and safe excavation during low temperatures. Adhering to local regulations, guidelines, and best practices is crucial for successful winter hydrovac operations.

Hydro Vacuum Excavation Services in Brisbane and Gold Coast

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